O Sequel, Where Are Thou

My mom called me this week. She asked how everything and everyone is. Typical conversation for a mom and a grandmother.

Then, we got to the reason for her call. She wanted to know the current status of my sequel to my first book, The Samurai’s Heart.

I’ve had people ask me before about the status of my book. I’ve told them I am working on it. However, I must admit it reaches a new level of urgency for an author when the request is coming from his mom.

To my mom and to everyone else, I’m here to say that I have completed the rough draft of my sequel. The book is titled The Samurai’s Soul. I am now editing it. It is a little disjointed, but I am connecting the disparate points to make sure the story flows. From there, I will have it read, do my own edits again, and then have a professional editor review it. In the interim, I will also be getting a cover.

It should be fun. It should be soon.

For those of you waiting, thank you for your patience.

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